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Common Ailments

Below you find a sample of what we can help you with. Click through to find out more! Our services do go above and beyond the list below, so feel free to give us a call to discuss your personal requirements with our doctor.


Acupuncture during pregnancy could be used to support women suffering from a variety of different pregnancy-related ailments or may be used to assist with labor. Potential benefits during pregnancy may include alleviating nausea.

IVF Support and Natural Fertility

Acupuncture may assist prior to and during in-vitro fertilisation (IVF). Women hope it will increase their chances of having a baby, but it may also provide some relief with reducing stress, and can help women relax when undergoing treatment.

Injury Recovery

Athletes both seasoned and recent (that should cover everyone!) encounter exercise related injury from time to time and the most annoying part of it is the disruption to the training rhythm, however so entrenched. Acupuncture may hasten your return to the exercise program you love.


Another benefit of acupuncture in women is the potential reduction of severity in menopausal symptoms. This may include reduced hot flushes, night sweats, less sleep disturbances and better control of emotions. Ask us to find out more information on how Acupuncture may help.